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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Loss of BBC1 and ITV in Spain. Loss of UK TV Spain. IPTV BARCELONA, MADRID, MALAGA SPAIN

With many British families waking up to no BBC1 or ITV the "Loss of UK Television in Spain" has affected hundreds of thousands of Brits and left many angry and contemplating upgrading to a bigger dish and others considering IPTV we have even heard from some who live on the Costa del Sol saying "We are moving back to the UK"

Whilst we have been trying to help as many people as possible get UK TV back at the Family Villa or apartment in Spain we have also found that many people who have decided to upgrade to big satellite dishes in Spain have been talking with neighbours and community Presidents to organise a community installation for UK TV and also allow people to access UK SKY TV if they want to bring there UK SKY CARD on Holiday

Loss of BBC1 and ITV in Spain

Astra 2E is using a tigher beam that has left the Costa del Sol without a signal, other areas affected such as Barcelona has left many with no other option other than to use UK VPN routers or UK IPTV boxes. 

We are testing 1.9 - 2.4 - 3.1 and 5M satellite dishes in Spain
What size dish do you now require in your area?

Torrevieja - Alicante - Murcia and most of Valencia is unaffected by Astra 2E

Testing 1.9 Famaval satellite dishes in Spain and reception reports from Costa del Sol, SKY TV Barcelona, Tarragona, Alcaniz, Zaragoza, Madrid, Alicante, Murcia, Villamartin, La Zenia UK IPTV.