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Sunday, 2 August 2015

How to watch UKTV Dubai "A guide to watching British TV in United Arab Emirates"

How to watch UKTV Dubai 

"A guide to watching TV in United Arab Emirates"

So you just moved in to your new property in Dubai and probably purchased a new TV from Sharaf in the Dubai Mall but now that you have taken your new 50" TV home and hung it on the wall like a piece of art what next? what are the options for watching TV in Dubai?

Lets start with the local TV and then move on to how you can watch UK British TV in Dubai.

Local Dubai TV - Well there are hundreds of local TV channels in Dubai and some even have the odd Movie in English with Arabic subtitles although this can be very hit and miss. If you have no choice and just want to get a picture on your screen then inside your new apartment or house you will find a standard aerial socket like this one -

You will notice that the socket on the left says "TV" underneath, you will need to connect a TV aerial from the TV to this socket in order to pick up local TV stations in Dubai. 

You may find this website handy as it shows you all of the TV channels available and in some cases actually see what is on although if you are after watching Soaps like Emmerdale, Coronation Street or dare I say it Eastenders you will be disappointed. (link to website is below although I doubt you will need it)

So you have found some FREE local TV stations being Broadcast in Dubai and are at breaking point as your Arabic is about as good as your Swahili so what are the other options?

UK British TV via the internet using a MAG250 or MAG254 IPTV box from - We will be looking at this later on in the Blogg.

Satellite TV providers in United Arab Emirates - If you love Football then you are in luck! You are actually able to watch more British premiership games in UAE than you can in the UK using SKY TV and BT Sports combined!

BEIN SPORTS - Based in Qatar but now Broadcasting TV Sports channels almost around the Planet have the Broadcasting rights for every Premiership Match and Champions League although in recent years they have had some legal wranglings with SKY TV UK and BT Sports as they have been supplying Pubs and Sports Clubs in the UK and Spain. You will need to order a box online, most of the channels are in Arabic apart from channel 11 that Broadcasts English commentary. 

Our opinion - If you only watch football and are happy to listen to commentary in Arabic on 65% of the football matches then this is a good option with HD picture quality. If you have a Family they will probably not be as happy as you are so perhaps BEIN Sports may be a better option for your home Bar or Man Cave.

UK BRITISH TV DUBAI - You have decided that local TV in Dubai and Satellite TV provider BEIN Sports from Qatar are not what you want and you are craving the next episode of Game of Thrones or perhaps the children are missing C-beebies or Nickelodeon then the best way to get everything you want is with a UK IPTV Box from 

How does UKIPTV work? - Our UKIPTV box connects to the internet using your internet router using a Ethernet cable or can be connected using WIFI (adapter required) so that the box can access all LIVE UKTV from the UK.

British TV has been voted the #1 thing that Brits Abroad miss when relocating to another Country where receiving UKTV by satellite is not possible.

UK British TV has found acclaim around the world with the BBC generating Billions of pounds from around the world as Foreign Broadcaster bid for BBC TV show favorites such as Top Gear.

What TV channels are available on the UKIPTV Box from

You can access all UKTV channels using our IPTV box by connecting it to the internet.

What is Video Club?

Video Club contains TV box sets and Movies, we currently have over 15'000 TV shows and Movies available on demand.

How much does it cost to buy a MAG250 or a MAG254 IPTV Box? 

Visit our store here 

After the FREE 12 months how much is it for another year?

You can get 12 months FREE access for just €295 a year

What is the difference between the MAG250 & MAG254?

The new MAG254 has a faster processor than the MAG250

How can i order a MAG254 and get it delivered to Dubai?


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